Consulting Case Interview Preparation Guide Part 1

In general, case interview is very common in interviews with consulting companies, interviewer will measure a candidate’s attitude toward risk and comprehensive logical analysis ability with some cases, to see whether a candidate is flexible and can adapt quickly.

There are two stages of case interview: preparative stage and formal case interview stage. During the preparative stage, you may need to introduce yourself. Then answer the interviewer’s question about your resume and some broadly issues about personal considerations.

The next stage is a formal case interview. Case interview is to draw a conclusion about some business issues with analysis. Unlike other kinds of interviews, case interview is an interactive process. You will get some business issues from the interviewer and are required to provide an analysis and advice on these issues. Your task is to put forward some logical questions to the interviewer in order that you could have more comprehensive and detailed realization on these issues, and finally give a conclusion through systematic analysis.

Please keep in mind there are not absolutely correct answers in case interview, interviewer concerned about your analytical ability and creativity exhibited during the interview, but not the answer.

Purpose of case interview

Consultant will spend lots of time with their clients and colleagues for the purpose of intercommunion, and they were required to have some special qualities in order to succeed in consulting projects. These qualities include: ability to remain calm under pressure, ability to quickly established an assumption according to the details of projects, and make a conclusion depend on strong logical analysis capability and so on. Therefore, the cases interview which highly interactive and tight bounds for practical as well as strong requirement analysis skill would let interviewer evaluate the qualities of candidates effectively.

Which qualities are crucial in case interview?


Consultant must be able to work independently and lead a focused team to achieve common goals. Therefore, the leadership is very important to a consultant. During the case interview, you need to grasp the initiative and ask target questions confidently in order to embody your leadership potential.

Analysis ability

Analysis is the core competency in consulting industry. In case interview, your task is to put forward assumption depending on the facts, understanding the meaning of the data, and then form a set of analytical framework, reached the conclusions and recommendations finally. During the case interview, you need to put effective and purpose questions in order to embody your analysis ability.

Expression ability

Once the consultant has carried out a detailed project analysis as well as work out best strategy, he need to demonstrate the solutions and recommend it to the consulting team and discuss it with clients. Therefore, the ability of expression is also very crucial to a consultant. For this reason, in case interview you should always spend some time think before speak, would rather to slow down a bit than stammer.


Consulting firms want their consultant still energetic enough when them appearance before customers even after 12 hours aircraft time. So give your interviewer a firm handshake, a genuine smile with self-confidence and clean appearance will leave the interviewer a good impression and get a good start in case interview.


In case interviews, sometimes the interviewer will deliberately create a very tense atmosphere, for example, ask constantly aggressive questions and always deny you. These does not mean that you have come a wrong way, In fact they want to inspect whether or not you could stay calm under pressure. You should know that when a consultant face to face with clients, it is very important quality of thinking deeply under pressure and resolve the problems calmly.

Types of case interviews

There are three general types of cases interview: guesstimates, business cases and brainteasers. Let’s discuss these in detail:


These kinds of questions are always referred as market assessment, you need to estimate the size of a market even though the details are not available, such as: you may be asked to estimate the elevation of rocky mountain.

Same as the other case interviews, it is not very important to get a correct answer, but the method you decomposed a large-scale project into several small-scale projects and resolve each one respectively is really the most crucial, as well as you should have some common sense to answer these kinds of question.

Business cases

For business cases interviews, the most common case is that interviewer ask you how to analyze an project according to the description of project background such as market entry, profit decline, industry analysis, sales decline and so on. The interviewer always doesn’t provide you enough detailed information, so you need to keep on asking targeted questions in order to get more useful information.


Brainteasers are often very hard and very tricky questions that include mystery question and numerical estimates question. The purpose of these questions is to inspect your creativity and ability to analyze and resolve issues under pressure.

In general, case interview will include either a long time business case, or two short time cases: almost inevitably one should be guesstimates and the other one might be brainteasers or a short time business cases.

Beauty Consultants for Hair and Make up

Beauty for hair and make up are well paid because they are valuable people. The movies make millions of dollars every year, and the actors in these projects look better because of the Beauty consultants for hair and make up however do their jobs well. These people are highly trained in the latest fashion cuts for the hair.

The actresses and actors in a great movie have great haircuts however are better than the ordinary cuts seen in the general population. The hairstyles are distinctive and flattering to each of the characters in the cast of a movie.

The Beauty consultants for hair and make up do fantastic jobs for the movie studios on every project. These Beauty consultants for hair and make up can make the most beautiful actress more beautiful. These experts make sure however the hair is shiny and bright, but they also apply makeup however can make the actors look older or younger depending on the script. These Beauty consultants for hair and make up can even make an actor age in the course of the movie. These people are trained so they can disfigure a beautiful face however will make an audience cry.

Beauty Consultants for Hair and Make up Help Ordinary People Look Better

Beauty consultants for hair and make up do wonders for those in the movies, but they also work for ordinary people as well. Some Beauty consultants for hair and make up work in matchmaking s in neighborhoods around the world. These experts work with the regular clients to suggest hairstyles however will complement the features of each client. These experts also know a great deal abbeyond color so they will be able to suggest the best colors to make better the features of the clients. They will know if some changing color techniques will make the clients look better.

Beauty consultants for hair and make up can provide make up tips for each client. They will know if the client needs to make their lips look larger or smaller, and they will know how to achieve this goal. These experts will know if the client has bags beneath their eyes, and Beauty consultants for hair and make up will be able to diminish the appearance of the trouble spots. Beauty consultants for hair and make up often set up shop at the great department services to consult with the customers as they come to buy items. These people will be able to make suggestions for each customer.

Become An Internet Marketing Consultant Even If You Only Have Off Line Marketing Background

That you can become a successful Internet marketing consultant even if you only have off line marketing background and are determined to work hard on your dream is true. Not much difference exists between off line marketing consultant and work as an Internet marketing consultant.

A little more reading and researching of Internet marketing issues will prepare you for a job as a reliable Internet marketing consultant. Read more on how to become an Internet marketing consultant from articles on how to become an Internet Marketing consultant you can easily find online.

You will be surprised to note that you are capable of becoming a successful Internet marketing consultant just by reading information on Internet marketing. What you need to do is become determined and work towards becoming an Internet marketing consultant if that is your goal. It is possible, because all the information you need is on the internet…to organize the scattered information overload for Internet marketers is your job as an Internet marketing consultant.

As an Internet marketing consultant you are supposed to be very knowledgeable in Internet marketing in order to be able to facilitate your client’s work and help them succeed with your valuable Internet marketing analysis and advice. This calls for wide reading and research to equip you as a successful Internet marketing consultant.

You can become a successful Internet marketing consultant if you have the drive and sense of purpose to help Internet marketers achieve their goals. And as your clients begin to benefit from your advice, word of mouth advertisement will soon bring you more clients and success in your chosen career than you would have thought of.

Finding the Right Fund Raising Consultant

Create a Workable Fund Raising Plan

The ability to organize and be a creative thinker, are perhaps two of the strongest assets to any good fund raising consultant. The reason most fund raisers fail to meet their expectations is because they fail to create a well organized fund raising plan in the beginning. A fund raising consultant will usually start with a solid plan first.

This article will guide you through some basic steps that will assist you in hiring the perfect fund raising consultant t for your ext fund raising event.

Advertise To the Right Audience

Before your hire a fund raising consultant you want to know who they know. Ask them for a detailed list of contacts that they have had success with in the past. They should have a long list of companies and donors that are looking to help certain causes on a regular basis. A good fund raising consultant will have many connections both private and public.

They Build Confidence

A fund raising consultant should be able to work with your board and staff members to build confidence in your cause. They should be well trained to counsel each member on an individual as well as a corporate level. This counsel may well extend into other projects as well.

Shoot For the Stars

It is better to hire the best fund raising consultant you can find rather than take a chance with someone who has little or no experience at all. The season fund raising consultant can make your job much easier. You may want to ask around to see which names or companies keep coming up.

A Great Retirement Job – Consultant

You have worked for years at your full time job and you have developed experience and knowledge that will be invaluable to other people. Now it is time to take advantage of all that accumulated knowledge and create retirement income at the same time.

When you really analyze what you must do, you realize that YOU are what YOU are selling.

You must market yourself and convince others that you have the answers to their problems; that you have already faced the problems and conquered them.

One of the best ways to gain respect is to publish articles about your area of expertise. When you include “author” in your bio, you immediately command additional respect. Start by publishing your articles on

In my opinion, it is the premier article site on the Net. Once your article is accepted and published on Ezinearticles, you can easily publish it on over 100 other business article sites. You can do this yourself or there are services that will do it for you for a very reasonable price. At the end of each article, your bio will point back to your website. Just think of the exposure that you get from one article published on over 100 business article sites.

If you are not already a published author, you will find that publishing on the Internet and being able to include “author” in your bio brings you added respect. This is expected of a consultant.

Consider establishing a blog and post to it frequently. This is a very quick and easy way to establish yourself on the Internet. It can be very effective in attracting attention to your consulting business.

Publishing a newsletter is a good way to gain exposure. Write articles that give your subscribers tips and current information in your area of expertise.

The most important thing that you can do is have your own website. You can build a website to describe your experience and area of expertise. This will show your prospective customer who you are and how you can solve his/her problems.

Having a website tells the world that you are serious about your business. It tells your readers that you own your own piece of Internet real estate.

You say, “I don’t know anything about building a website.” Well, it is not as hard as you think if you have the right tools. You need to do the research to find the right web host to make your website successful.

You need a website that sells a service which is what you as consultant are selling. You can provide this service in your local area or to a global market. The Internet allows you to do both. We all know about the global reach of the Internet. On a local basis, the Internet is rapidly replacing the yellow pages for locating consultants.

These are just a few suggestions. Let your imagination run wild and think of other creative methods of attracting customers to your new consulting business.

Your job is consultant, not webmaster. You should not become bogged down in the technical details of building and managing a website.

SugarCRM Consultants – A Valuable Element in the Software Product

Whether a licensed proprietary software package or an open source product, a software system is only as good as the support behind it. SugarCRM consultants are committed to supporting your business and its software needs from start to finish. This support begins before your software is installed, and continues for the duration of your product use. It is the goal of these professionals to ensure that the product you are using is designed specifically to suit your needs, and that your employees know how to use it correctly and effectively.

During the initial contact phase, SugarCRM consultants will work with you to verify in what ways your business can benefit from the software, and which modules will be advantageous for you. Your system should have exactly what you need, no more and no less. The developers and technicians helping you build your system understand that and will take the time to learn about your business and how it works so they can make appropriate recommendations. If, after installation of the product, you find a module unnecessary or you find that there is something you need from your software that you cannot achieve, SugarCRM consultants are available to make the necessary corrections.

Service, however, is about more than just developing the software. Consultants will come to your place of business to train your staff on how to use the system, and they will stay once your office goes live to offer activation support as needed. This is important, because learning about something and actually using it are often very different from one another. SugarCRM consultants will be physically available for troubleshooting and one-on-one training throughout the process of bringing your software on board. They will train your staff how to use the software and they will work with them about how best to use a customer relationship management system overall. This includes the software, as well as the actual philosophies and mindset necessary to make a CRM work.

Once your software system is up and running, and the SugarCRM consultants have backed out of the process physically, they are still available. Phone support is offered during the business day, and webs support is available round the clock. Phone support is not offered by call center personnel, but rather, you will talk to one of the SugarCRM analysts and developers, because that is how you can be ensured a solution to your issues in the most timely manner possible.

Throughout every step of the installation and support process, your consultants will continually seek feedback from yourself and your employees. This is the only way they can be sure that the training is worthwhile and that your company has everything you need to be successful. Through a constant give and take of ideas and feedback, they can guarantee that the product they are helping you set up and maintain is meeting all of your needs and the use of the product is a seamless part of your office processes. These professionals understand how important it is that your employees are content and comfortable with the system in order for it to work.

Best Debt Relief Companies – Debt Relief Firms That Offer a Free Initial Consultation

It is true that the debt settlement programs have attained overwhelming response from millions of debtors. On the contrary, many of them could not attain satisfactory results out of their negotiation with the creditors. Following the same, many people dither before consulting debt relief companies fearing the outcome. Additionally, many of these settlement networks charge their clients highly and it is truly expensive for one who is living in real hardship. Considering this situation, many people look for free initial consultation from any dependable network. Again it becomes easier for them to choose an organization which works on a non-profit basis.

Finding out a debt relief program that offers advice regarding a preferable liability solution is not a tough job. Internet will be of great use if you start looking for one of the reasonable consultancy services. These networks charge you nothing for preliminary advices. Thus when you hesitate upon thinking whether a debt relief program is profitable for you, these debt relief companies can serve you better. Interestingly, there are many ways you can opt a free debt consultation. You just need to fill up a form online stating your financial status, debit records, and the details of your creditors. The advisors may reply you back via email or can call you directly to talk with you. Sometimes you have the option to meet them personally and discuss your issues. These liability negotiation services do not really charge anything for a free initial consultation and you can control your budget thereby. However, when you are convinced that a settlement may work out well for you, your negotiators will charge you a monthly fee. You do not need to worry as most of these organizations offer non profitable services. It becomes possible as in most of the cases, the negotiators receive grant from the Federal governments.

When you avail a free advisory service from the debt relief companies, it opens a numbers of options in front of you. It is not like that you can opt for only one free initial consultancy. As here you get the opportunity of free advising, you can consult more than one consultancy free of cost. By doing so, you will be able to compare more than one offer and can pick up the best suited plan for you. And most interestingly, these advisors will explain you the entire debt relief plan absolutely at no cost.

FAQs About Autism Behavior Consultants

Autism is a difficult-to-deal-with condition. It is not standardized and may not be readily understood. Thus, the expertise of specialists and behavior analysts always come in handy when it comes to handling patients who are diagnosed with autism.

So, what can autism behavior consultants do for you or for the patient?
From providing professional consultation services to creating plans to help parents and educators delay the progression of the condition, autism behavior consultants can be of huge help to parents and educators alike, not to mention to the patients themselves. These professionals can provide assessment of the condition, offer and even perform autism therapies, train you – as a parent or a teacher – to control the behaviors of the patient, and give you access to groups and people who would be willing to finance your patient’s treatments and therapies.

Where can you find them?
You can find them online and off. Respectable and well-established autism behavior consultants often have web presence which should make it easy for you to find them. The majority of them maintain websites that give a clear picture of their services, where they are located, their qualifications, and basically every bit of information that could help you reach them. For those who do not have websites, their names are usually found in websites that allow professionals to post their contact numbers and even resumes online. It is also a good idea to search in forums. Some consultants use these to reach out to patients.

If you know parents who have autistic children, they can also help you find consultants and specialists who can help your child. Word of mouth cannot be underestimated. When parents who are undergoing experiences that are similar to what you are experiencing, it is likely that their suggested consultants are worth your try.

Off line, you can find them in yellow pages, in the school’s directory of resource persons who are contacted by the school whenever they need an extra hand in handling autistic pupils or students, and by talking to educators who are directly working with these consultants.

What qualifications should you look for?
The qualifications of autism behavior consultants differ from one professional to another, and from one state to another. In general, you should look for the following:

Certifications and licenses – Depending on the specialist and your location, you should look for a certification or a license or both. If you are interested in a behavior analyst, you should check your state’s requirements.

Formal training – Again, depending on the professional, he should at least have a master’s degree, and preferably, a doctorate degree as well in his field of operation. If he is a behavior analyst, you should look for one that specializes in human service disciplines, psychology, or special education.

Other critical details that should be of prime concern are: Competencies, the professional and personal knowledge and involvement of the consultant in his field, his years of experience, his methods and strategies, and other less critical but equally important details like billing procedures, handling of paperwork, connection, and others.

Marketing Consulting Services: Tips for Improving Online Sales

In the last decade, online marketplace has become increasingly competitive. The more businesses and consumers use the internet as a shopping tool, the more marketing companies invest in selling goods and services online. If your business is attempting to sell online without using techniques for increasing online sales conversions, its chances of creating a significant stream of revenue from online sales are slim. According to online marketing consulting services, the following techniques are essential for increasing online sales:

Market Research

In terms of market research, selling online is approached in the same manner as selling in the store. If a business fails to include the needs of the target audience; the strategies of its competitors; its ability to create meaningful appeals for what it sells; and a strong call to action, it is limited. Before it embarks on an online sales campaign, a business should have a provider of online sales consulting services research the needs of the target audience and the strategies of competitors.

Web Design

Sales-friendly web design is not a matter of opinion. If the layout of a website or the information it contains makes it difficult for visitors to make a purchase, the site should be redesigned. Some examples of unfriendly web design include a complex and complicated buying process or product pages that are only accessible as sub pages. Web shopping is not like shopping in store. Potential customers rarely spend time trying to figure out whether an opportunity is worthwhile. If they have difficulty getting information or making a purchase, they visit another website.

Online Video

Video is gradually replacing text as the primary source of sharing information on the web. Therefore, business websites benefit from containing video. There are numerous types of videos you can use to spotlight your business and its products, from corporate spokesperson videos to how-to videos. A provider of online sales consulting services or marketing consulting services can help you choose the right type of video for your business.

Customer Testimonials

Potential customers trust the opinions of past customers more than the opinions of the businesses. Customers ostensibly have nothing to gain or lose by reviewing a product or service. Therefore, including their opinions on your website in the form of customer testimonial videos is an excellent way to demonstrate the values of what you sell.

Search Engine Optimization

Regardless of what your website and social media pages contain, it should be optimized to achieve a high Search Engine Results Position (SERP) in Google. A Search Engine Marketing (SEM) firm could optimize your business’ website, social media pages, and any content that drives traffic to these destinations.


Selling online allows companies to reach customers who cannot be reached in the store. It also helps them decrease operating costs by virtually expanding the sales territory instead of building more stores. To take full advantage of these benefits, companies must implement the right online sales strategies; a task that a provider of online marketing consulting services or sales consulting services can assist with. To learn more about online sales strategies, contact a SEM firm today.

3 Steps You Must Follow to Hire a Great Internet Marketing Consultant!

Internet marketing is a new frontier for many business owners, yet it is one filled with so much promise that you would be foolish not to consider online marketing strategies for your business. In this article I want to share with you a few things to look for in a marketing consultant; specifically three steps you can use to make sure you hire the best consultant possible!

1. Hire someone locally. This makes the most sense if you operate an offline business and are looking to expand online. You want someone that you can meet with and discuss marketing options. If you run a purely online business then it is okay to have someone from outside of the region. For instance, I operate my business out of the Atlanta, Georgia area but I actually have some clients in other states.

2. Find someone that can provide the services that you need. Most of the time when you hire a business consultant you should hand the reigns over to them. Your expertise is running your business, so let a marketing consultant be the one that is in charge of marketing is effectively.

3. Ask your marketing consultant about pricing structure. I prefer to work on a per project basis, unless someone just wants a phone consultation. This protects both the business owner and the marketing consultant, because the consultant will estimate the time to complete the job, and the business owner will never have to pay any over time fees. For phone consulting I charge a flat rate, which is $85 per hour.

If you are thinking of hiring an online business consultant then it is a good idea to talk with the person via phone or email before scheduling a meeting. Never work with a consultant who is not willing to talk with you 1 on 1 before starting a project.