10 Integral Things to Pack When Relocating Alone!

You are super excited about your upcoming move because this is the first time you are moving out of your parents’ house to live independently in a new land, far from Mumbai, in the capital city of India, Delhi following a great job offer! Your father even booked the best team of packers and movers in Mumbai so you can have a comfortable moving experience.
Presently, you are in a position where you are a bit nervous because there are so many things you want to do but you are not left with that much time. But now that the professionals have been appointed, rest easier because they will manage all the packing and moving jobs, which means you can look after the other important things on your end.

But before we get into the tasks, which are more or less, the usual pre-move jobs that everyone attends, let’s talk about the checklist of things you need to carry with you or purchase right after the move.

Quickly put them onto your worksheet and get ready to prepare them one by one.

• Make essentials basket – The first things that you can easily pack are the bathing supplies and body essentials that you use. All these toiletries should be packed well, with ample protection. Their caps should be secured well and they should be placed upright within the moving box so they do not spill or leak, ruining the rest of the items inside the box. The movers can also do it if you want, and make sure not to move half-empty bottles.

• Sort and pack pantry items – As a guy relocating alone, you might consider getting your meals from outside or you may prefer having them when you are out for work but for a female, things could be different. If as a girl, you wish to keep the basics with you so you can at least prepare simple platters, make sure you carry the required kitchenware like pots and pans to cooking spoons, glasses, and dishes.

• Time to pack furniture stuff – We would advise you not to move all of the furniture items. You people are not emptying the house, only you are moving out. Right? So what is the point of getting the big and bulky furniture items transported to your new home when you can easily source the needful furniture items in your new apartment after the move? Also, this will save you money because the moving load shall remain balanced!

• Pack only needful appliances – You might need a handful of easy-to-use electronic appliances in your new home so you can quickly prepare something that you can eat for breakfast or when hungry. Right? So, you can get one induction cooker for the time being, unless the gas connections are reinstated. You can also move the microwave oven; your family will keep the new one that will be bought, etc. So, figure out all these needs first and then pack mindfully.

• Never go wrong with bedding – Do not forget to pack some bedding items, because you will need them to catch up on your sleep after a long, tiring day at work. With time, you can get second-hand furniture at your new house but until then, you will have to create a standby bed either by getting a thick mattress or you are planning to use the floors for some time to sit, work, relax and sleep.

• Pack living room items alertly – We assume you would not have a lot to pick up and pack from your drawing room, only a few things including the table lamp, some books from the bookshelf, the storage objects, some treasured décor pieces, gifted items, etc. The best way to move these to your new home is by letting the experts pack them for you. You simply guide the movers about the things to be moved from the space, they will figure out how to do it the right way!

• Move items from dining now – Well, you will not move your dining table, chairs, and all but the basics like table mat, a few extra spoons from the spoon stand, a duster, table-cover, etc. so that when you think of getting a table at your place, you can arrange it as one. You can use the table that you will buy for study and office work purposes, too so if you arrange a small table at your place, that will be a good investment for sure.

• Perform key pre-move duties – You will have a lot of things to work out before the move, so make sure you have time for each of those. If someone from your family can also take care of the job, it is fine to delegate a few of the jobs to them but do not leave big things pending on your parents and other members. They would be stressed out with the chores, without you being present.

• Pack personal goods/ properties – Make sure you do not forget to pack items of personal use – anything that surrounds your life from day to night – like your laptop, the cables, chargers, power bank, spare phones, your planner, earphones, table lamp, and any other stationery item that sees daily usage must be packed for the move. Have a big backpack that will easily hold your day-to-day use items and pack the rest in the boxes.

• Do not forget the sundry items – Last but not least, every item that although not regularly used but comes to the rescue during emergencies must be packed without a doubt. Like a torch, bottle opener, scissors, measuring tape, packing tape, stapler, doormat, duster, curtains, etc. that will make your post-move time easy must be packed in a separate box or bag. There could be many such miscellaneous articles in your home, pack everything you will need.

Majorly, these are all the things that people like you, moving out for the first time should take note of. Along with these, if you recruit professional movers and packers in Mumbai, you can simply have a peaceful move.