6 Great Ways to Manage Fragile Goods for Move!

The moment you heard that your dear friend’s move did not turn out to be expected and her properties underwent severe damage owing to a vehicle mishap, you are worried about your forthcoming move. All these unforeseen events are no one’s fault but if you appoint a reputed and authentic mover like Agarwal Packers, every moving endeavor is conducted with a positive outlook and utmost care.
Well, we have a question, what are you most concerned about. Are you worried about your big and bulky stuff like furniture, instruments, and appliances, or the thought of your fragile items’ handling and relocation is making you feel anxious? See, we know how every article in a household is dear to the homeowner and how they make every possible effort to ensure their belongings reach their new residence in one piece. Maybe this is the only reason why despite having fewer items, customers opt for professional relocation services for their household shifting!

For your forthcoming house move, we would simply advise you to rely on the moving authorities you booked, but would also recommend you to check out the fragile/sensitive items packing technique that we have highlighted in this article. Go through each of them to know exactly how you can pack your section of flimsy articles for the move.

Note: You may have a lot of goods that you would want to pack yourself for various reasons, but here in this blog, we are simply sharing some steps that will help you to carefully pack and protect particularly your delicate articles while it is in the transit.

Let’s commence:

• Artifacts and decorative articles – Paintings, wall decorations, exquisite hangings, chandeliers, showpieces, or any article that enhances the beauty of your space in more than one way could be equally fragile and may need extra care while moving. At first, you need to get them off from their rooted spots carefully, and then dust them clean before you think of packing them. The best you can do is to use small boxes for carrying these differently shaped objects. There are different kinds of boxes and cartons available offering enhanced protection with their cushioned walls. If the experts will do it, they will proficiently take care of the job in no time, so rather than getting into some hassle; it is good if you allow the movers to do the job. • Crockery and bar cabinet stuff – Wrapping every crockery item – from dish to cup to glass to plates, with generous coats of wrapping paper and then topping it with coats of bubble wrap is how one should pack crockery items. For objects with hollows, one must fill in them with crumpled paper balls. For the bar section items, seeking help from Agarwal Packers and Movers is highly recommended. But also ensure that you are not packing half empty, quarterly filled bottles because these heavy, big size bottles make up a lot of weight and they need specially curated heavy-duty boxes for a safer shipment. So optimize your collection and try to present some of them to your friends or colleagues. They will make a wonderful corporate present for sure!

• Electronic articles and gadgets – Your laptop, the personal computer, storage devices, smartphones, smart-watches, tablets, digital cameras, recording devices, etc. or the slightly distinct yet essential, electrical appliances including microwave oven, toaster, baking oven, toaster, mixer-grinder, etc. all call for extraordinary packing protection. These objects are sensitive and must be shielded well from external conditions like heat, moisture, dust, etc. when they are packed for the move. The best way to pack these highly sensitive objects is by first removing the cells, cables, and cords from them if there are any and then wrapping them amply in foam wraps or bubble sheets so there is an adequate buffer on top of the object. • Fragile furniture made of glass – Do you own a lot of glass furniture items? Do you have a glass coffee table, nesting tables, glass shelves, cut-glass racks, and a few lamps, lights, frames, pictures, etc. in your home that you are concerned about moving? Well, then choose to pack them yourself if you are sure of doing it the right way. Be careful and check the ideal tips available online or refer to the techniques shared on tutorial videos to get a better grip on the handling and packing of these fine and flimsy articles. If doing alone, try to add foam sheets, packing peanuts, crumpled paper, tissues, etc. to cushion empty spaces or risky corners. • Earthenware, stoneware stuff – Whether it is a clay pot, baked clay dish, or any other form of kitchenware that you own, which is prone to breakage even if there is a slight mishandling, you must let the professional moving personnel take care of this collection. Moreover, if you are someone fond of rustic articles and even use clay utensils and kitchenware for your home, you need to be very careful because these are highly breakable and you would certainly not want to see them broken when you are all set to use them in your new home. The same goes for ceramic objects. • Pictures, frames, and accessories – The professionals make the entire process of packing simplified. Plus, since they are already equipped with the required packing and moving equipment, relocating even the trickiest of an object from your household remains a walk in the park for the movers. Experts bring to use strong corrugated boxes embedded with foam sheets to pack your fragile article of any shape and size safe from external disturbance and damage. Not just that, every article is first analyzed carefully and only the best suitable packing protocol is brought to use. In general, movers use bubble wraps to neatly cover the object before it is boxed.

You might have now got an idea how not just the handling techniques but the supplies and tools we integrate into our packing protocol plays a key role plays a big role in keeping our fragile goods safe.