A Printer-Friendly Moving Checklist for You

When you are planning for an overwhelming event like a house move to relocate from Mumbai to Delhi, feeling jittery is common. We all know preparing all those invaluable stuff that you bought over years of effort and pursuit is not at all easy. So, calling up the moving specialists – the packers and movers in Mumbai remains advisable. The early you get them on your moving project, the sooner your mind will set it free of the unwanted moving chaos.

Now it is for you to decide whether you want to assign the complete responsibility of your relocation to the movers or you want to address the moving preparation on a personal level, by inspecting the do’s and don’ts, the ‘good’ and ‘bad’, and so on…

We would say doing your level of planning is certainly very important. You should first acknowledge your moving requirements personally before you discuss them with the third party. If you are not clear about your moving needs, do not have a clear strategy in mind, even the best of relocation experts would be of no assistance to you.

So, we have designed a simple-to-follow moving checklist that you can save to your phone or print to keep handy during the moving purpose.

1. Mark your dates – As soon as you fix your moving date after the required discussion with your family and the team of movers, mark the date on the calendar and also plan out your pre-moving tasks so you can accomplish them all before the moving day. Start working on the tasks immediately so no time gets wasted ahead of the move. Try to attend to all the tasks as per the assigned date.

2. Collect vital papers – We would advise you to keep your important move-related documents and other essential paperwork in one folder. This moving binder will also hold your identity proofs, personal documents, office papers, health certificates, birth and marriage documents, transfer certificates of your child, contract papers, receipts, etc. If you do not have any of these documents or proofs with you, collect them from the authorized organization on time.

3. Donate extra articles – Donation is a great way to let go of the possessions that are of no value to you but can be worthwhile for the needy. Donating things in a way fulfills your responsibility as an empathetic citizen and makes you feel good after you have contributed to the less fortunate section of society. You can give things out to the charity or the deprived people you see in your locality. You can also choose to sell out some items that have rarely been used and would help you to make good money.

4. Discard the unwanted – Every household has certain questionable items when we look at them from the moving point of view. We are talking about the chemicals, paints, oils, etc. that we keep in our households for the different ways they serve us with. But when you are inspecting them for the move, know that these items are not allowed to be transported in any circumstance. These are highly inflammable and can call for accidents during the transit journey. So, devise a plan to discard them before the move. The movers will provide you with a detailed list of the restricted items for the move, make sure you are going through the document before the move.

5. Inspect unnoticed spaces – You will certainly go through your entire household when you will prepare your belongings for the move, but at times, there are some spaces like the attic, backyard, closets, and staircases that get overlooked when we are making a move. This is something that should be taken care of because most of the time, we keep hoards of stuff in these areas and miss out on these at the last minute for various reasons. So, you should keep in mind to check these areas before vacating the space.

6. Double-check packing – By now the professionals would have entirely fulfilled the packing tasks of your belongings. In that case, you must inspect the boxes again to check if the packing tape is placed properly in each of the moving boxes, if the name labels are intact and if there is an issue with the weight and overall packing quality of the boxes. Check if the stretch wrap is added to each of the moving cartons and there is no space left within the boxes. You can figure out the last aspect by holding the boxes firmly and shaking them a little. If the things seem to shift inside the box, add some more cushioning to the box and get it loaded only if it is perfectly ready!

7. Book cleaning specialists – Nobody appreciates the feeling that comes when you move to an unclean, unmaintained space. That is the reason, many people prefer calling up home-cleaning agents so that they can deep clean the new household before you start unpacking and arranging your stuff in the new home. Call them at a time when you shall also be present at the new address to guide them over in the cleaning process. This will help you to get both cleaning and organization tasks done simultaneously.

8. Have a good time – We hope you had an amazing time relocating to your new home because you had the best professional assistance hired for your move. All you should now pay attention to is inspecting every delivered carton and the subsequent unpacking of your belongings at your new home. Celebrate because you finally moved into your new dream space and even managed everything else pretty well. There were no loopholes or hurdles along the way and everything came out well!

If you hire the movers and packers in Mumbai and follow the ideas shared in this smart and simple moving checklist, your move would be no less than a walk in the park. Believe us when we say this because we have successfully assisted customers in the past with our top-class relocation advice and 24×7 assistance.