Top 12 Moving House Hacks For a Fluent Move!

Are you looking for some smart relocation hacks to make your forthcoming Mumbai to Chennai move a breeze? Well, you just landed up at the right place. With our first-class relocation tips and tricks, you can streamline your move in no time. Just make sure you finalize a proficient team of packers and movers in Mumbai so that all the other decisive pieces of the move are met.
Follow the relocation hacks given below:

1. Select a genuine mover – To enjoy a comfortable move, the foremost thing you should do is hire a moving company that is genuinely operating in the logistics business. When selecting a mover, you may come across multiple companies appearing to be trustworthy, but only a handful of them would have their authentication justified. So, give it some time and go through every key aspect before deciding. Read the terms and conditions, the services offered, their pricing, and insurance policies.

2. Decide what all you need – The next thing that pops up in our mind is all essentials we will need for executing the packing task. The professionals will be there to look after all your packing chores but the section of packing that you will do would require you to have the packing requisites in place. So, arrange them in your place beforehand. Some of the basics you would need are moving boxes, bubble wraps, packing paper, fabric sheets, packaging tape, stretch wraps, packing peanuts, cutters, scissors, mattress bags, etc.

3. The checklist must be in place – The moving agenda or the checklist is the third most important thing you should take care of when you are preparing for the move. This checklist will include your list of key household and outdoor tasks that you will be required to attend and accomplish before the move, details of the purchases you want to make for the journey, and the list of packing tasks you will attend before leaving your household.

4. Give time to pack fragile – Packing fragile items require you to be careful because these are extremely sensitive objects and handling them is no less than a dreaded task and any amount of carelessness and rush can damage the possession. So be attentive when you are executing the process. Wear gloves; use the right essentials, and sit in a spacious area where you can easily perform the task.

5. Firmly secure all articles – Irrespective of the articles you pack, packing them well is the key to a safe and secure move. So, after you have efficiently packed the objects using coats of packing paper, bubble wraps, stretch wraps, and the boxes too have been prepared well with balls of crumpled paper, you must double-check if everything is established and is ready for the move.

6. Roll clothes to pack them – If you think packing clothes is a time-consuming job and a tiring endeavor; you can assign the task to the professionals. The movers will take care of your clothes just the way you would do and will pack them correctly. Clothes must always be rolled and not folded as it will consume less space and also keep them free from wrinkles.

7. Distribute moving weight – We have often seen the moving boxes not reaching the destination intact. And it is not because they were not transported safely by the moving company but because they somehow partly broke off in the beginning only when the movers were handling them. This happens when either the boxes are packed too heavy or because the weight remains unevenly distributed within the boxes.

8. Leave no space in cartons – Whether you pack the moving boxes or the professionals, they must be prepared the right way. Not every box is suitable for strenuous relocation purposes, so you should first ensure that the boxes you got for the purpose are durable and available in different sizes depending on your types of belongings. Secondly, you should ensure there is no space or gap inside.

9. Make a list of nitty-gritty – Our households have a lot of articles that we use daily. All of these essentials must be first put together in a list so there is no way of missing them out during the packing task. Secondly, inventorying all these essentials like toiletries and medicines will allow you to swap them with their miniature versions as it will keep the load less.

10. Rent a storage unit timely – Have you ever considered renting a storage unit for your move? Do you know how storage units help during relocation? If not, then you must speak to your professional movers before you choose to pick up an ideal storage unit for your need. These are private spaces that you rent temporarily until the new household is ready for the move-in of these properties.

11. Discuss rates with experts – To fulfill a budgeted move, you must research properly, and get your hands on some of the most worthwhile deals that suit your moving budget and moving requirements. You should then compare them to each other in respect of the terms, rates, services, and assurance affirmed by the company. Using cost estimators, reading online reviews, and reading feedback would also help you to decide correctly.

12. Check the boxes and label – Last but not least; every moving box must bear correct name labels for a hassle-free unpacking task. Not just that, labeling the moving boxes helps in keeping track of the items you listed in your moving inventory. There are different ways of labeling your moving boxes, you can use a color-coded labeling system, use waterproof, printed name labels or you can label using numbered stickers, whichever you want. But every carton should have one, along each of its sides so it is visible to the one handling it. The movers and packers in Mumbai can help you out in this task if you are unable to do it the right way.